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What is eBike?
Electric bike, or eBike, is basically a bike with an electric motor. It provides the advantages of a regular bicycle and so much more such as: free parking, zero emission, free of traffic jam  and also further and faster travel. You’ll be able to choose between pedaling your bike or riding it with the help of the silent and smooth motor.

Why eBike?
We simply enjoy the excitement of riding eBikes, and more people should also try. It’s a hybrid enjoyment, fun of riding bicycle with the extended power and range.

Who is ebikeID?
It is not a political or environmental activism, ebikeID is a business and we want to introduce an alternative means of transportation in Indonesia. No, we are not trying to replace all gasoline fueled vehicle with e-bikes, but we believe 10 e-bikes on the street is better than 10 motorcycles, agree?

Who should use e-bikes?

EVERYONE… because its cool and FUN!!
Not only that, we are pursuing the application of eBikes should be expanded to different element of society:

  • Hotels for ECO TOURISM project, can rent them for their customers; it helps reduce pollution and traffic
  • Companies for their actual support in Sustainable Development
  • Police in tourist area
  • School and college students
  • Or even for those who lives in remote area far from cities where they suffers “kelangkaan BBM” quite often

If you are interested and may have any business idea, or simply want to try our eBikes, just contact us: info(at)